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Monday, 11 November 2013

MySQL Replication implementation details

The previous and current week I am dealing with MySQL replication.

Currently, I have a master-slave setup, with slave operating in readonly mode.

According to MySQL manual page, replication in slave is implemented using two threads:
  • Thread I/O is polling the Master for binlog updates: this thread polls master for any updates written to its binlog. If master has updates, I/O thread puts them in a queue.
  • Thread SQL reads the updates queue and executes them in the slave.
To assist my study, I created the following pictures illustrating the MySQL replication threads operations. Here we have to state that those operations are for the simple NON-Clustered replication as described above.  
This picture describes Slave I/O replication thread:

And the following one describes the operations of the Slave SQL replication thread:

The basic parameters for replication can be viewed from the MySQL manual here.