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Monday, 22 June 2020

Web based CRUD operations made with ZKoss ZK Framework with JPA, Spring, using Intellij Idea

Hi folks!

This month we will continue the ZKoss/ZK framework. series and we present you a full functional example of a simple ZKoss ZK web application that makes JPA/CRUD operations on a database entity. The user is introduced to a web form that is build around a ZK listbox and presents the contents of a DB table. The user through the web form can perform CRUD operations (Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete  table records that are subsequently persisted in the DB level using Hibernate JPA implementation. In the article we come across with the DAO/Adapter pattern, we explain how ZK implements the the MVVM Pattern and we explain the design using  simple elements of the UML methodology.
The implementation of the  example utilizes technologies such as J2EE JPA, Spring framework and Maven in order to compile and build the WAR artifact over  the Intelij IDEA  programming environment/IDE.

Read the full article in Illumine IT articles GitHub:

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

JBoss Monitoring from JConsole

This was a very simple issue pointed to me by a friend:
"OK.. it would be interesting to restrict jmx-console over http and instead, use JConsole to monitor our JBoss 5.0.1.GA from a VPN tunneled port"

JConsole is a very important tool for monitoring the JVM. It is located in you JAVA_HOME/bin.

This is very simple for the local JBoss process, in other words, when JConsole and JBoss are running on the same machine. You just have to start JBoss and run JConsole.

In case when JBoss is running on a different IP you just have to find the following line in your server.log:

2012-03-16 04:58:30,047 INFO  [] (main) JMX Connector server: service:jmx:rmi://kandath/jndi/rmi://kandath:1090/jmxconnector

Get the connector server URL:
paste it to the JConsole  as the following picture instructs:
JBoss as a local process and remote using remote JMX service

JBoss 5.1.0.GA comes preconfigured with the following: 
1.  JMX service is on and port to use for RMI by default is set to 1090.
2. No security on JMX console!
Consider seriously to secure the access to the JMX service.

Also read the following interesting bug on JBoss jira