Monday 22 June 2020

Web based CRUD operations made with ZKoss ZK Framework with JPA, Spring, using Intellij Idea

Hi folks!

This month we will continue the ZKoss/ZK framework. series and we present you a full functional example of a simple ZKoss ZK web application that makes JPA/CRUD operations on a database entity. The user is introduced to a web form that is build around a ZK listbox and presents the contents of a DB table. The user through the web form can perform CRUD operations (Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete  table records that are subsequently persisted in the DB level using Hibernate JPA implementation. In the article we come across with the DAO/Adapter pattern, we explain how ZK implements the the MVVM Pattern and we explain the design using  simple elements of the UML methodology.
The implementation of the  example utilizes technologies such as J2EE JPA, Spring framework and Maven in order to compile and build the WAR artifact over  the Intelij IDEA  programming environment/IDE.

Read the full article in Illumine IT articles GitHub:

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