Thursday 9 July 2020

Linux Authentication and Access - A different approach

A small briefing that covers the basic points of creating a new user in a Linux host. We start with a simple username/password old and insecure authentication method and then we add RSA certificate to make the user authentication modern and more robust. In the second section, we copy the private key to our windows machine and we configure windows PuTTY so that we connect to the Linux server using RSA certificates.
In the second part of the article, we make a very short introduction to Chef Technology and how this can be used in order to automate user provisioning on a host. This example does exactly the same user provisioning operations shown in the first part but this time with Chef.
In the last section we introduce we introduce a simple Jenkins pipeline that demonstrates the use of the sftp and ssh commands for the linux user we previously created. 
Just 10 minutes reading.

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