Friday 3 January 2020

Creating a Full Web Based Business

Hi folks! Merry Christmas to everyone!

One of my old clients asked me how to create a full web business site. the site should be able to do the common basic usual stuff:
  • Promote the company - Inform customers about the brand
  • Present products 
  • Do online sales
The interesting part of the story is that this guy did not want me to do the actual site work. Instead he asked me:
  •  to make a TODO list of ll basic steps with a correct order so that nothing is missing and everything is in order.  Write down a well formed procedure. 
  • also to put all those artifacts that should be delivered in each of the steps from the side of the implementing contract company, so that the contractor is checked - ensuring no hidden details
Read the full article  on Illumine IT Consulting GitHub Space

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